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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We are proud to offer numerous solutions to help you relax and stop all your nervousness and dental phobias and anxiety, so that you can obtain the gorgeous smile you want with minimal discomfort. If anxiety is holding you back from achieving your smile goals, we can help. Nitrous Oxide gas is an effective sedation method that can help you to safety relax without feeling groggy afterwards. This is sometimes known as laughing gas, and it can help make you feel more comfortable, but still awake. Nitrous Oxide can be used on adults and children, and can be used for all different kinds of appointments, and is combined with local anesthesia to maximize comfort. 

Recovery from Nitrous sedation is usually immediate and you are back to normal within 3 - 5 minutes. You should have no problem being able to drive and resume your normal day to day activities when you leave our office. 


We are so excited to offer you a alternative to Nitrous Oxide for those patients who  have anxiety and fear about going to the dentist. There are several different options for oral-conscious sedation that Dr. Burgin could use, and we will recommend a type depending on your level of anxiety, your physical health, what procedure is being performed, and how long your appointment should take. At this type of sedation appointment, you will need a ride to and from the scheduled appointment. With light oral-conscious sedation, you will remain relaxed, but still be awake and alert. With moderate sedation, you will stay conscious, but you will be extremely relaxed, in a sleep-like state, and your memory of the procedure will be gone shortly after the appointment. In other words, you will go into  light sleep and wake up with your dental treatment completed and you will be heading home. 

Teeth Cleaning

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Burgin Dentistry strives to create and maintain stunning, healthy smiles with two-yearly dental cleanings. Using state of the art tools and technology, we will remove built up plaque and tartar and then we will polish your enamel for a bright, healthy smile. During your cleaning, one of our three hygienists will provide you with education on how to care for your teeth at home and discuss any areas that need special attention. 

 A professional dental cleaning is considered a preventative procedure, so it is usually covered by dental insurance. We will contact your insurance company to determine your specific coverage and then calculate any out of pocket costs. If you do not have dental insurance, please speak with a member of our team and we can discuss out of pocket expenses. 

Keep your smile healthy, bright and beautiful with dental cleanings twice a year at Burgin Dentistry. Our highly skilled dental team works with you to improve your oral and overall health with professional cleanings to remove built up plaque and tartar. Not only are professional cleanings an important part of a proactive dental care plan, but they can also save you and your family from a lot of trouble and expensive treatments later on. Contact our front office to schedule a cleaning for your yourself and your family today. 


Oral Exams

The key to a healthy smile is being proactive about your dental needs. Dr. Burgin recommends getting two dental exams every year, with your bi-annual cleanings. Dr. Burgin will also do an evaluation of your overall health and hygiene, including any cavities, root decay, oral cancer, as well as your risk for bone and gum disease. One of our qualified assistants will assess your need for treatment using state of the art technology, including digital x-rays and Cone Beam X-Rays. 

 We recommend that everyone, starting at 2 years of age, should start getting annual dental exams. We offer dental care to every member of the family and we can help address concerns at all different stages of life with proven techniques and advanced technology. We focus on not only providing a positive experience to younger patients, so that it is easier to keep them coming back for a lifetime of good oral hygiene, but we also like to give our adult patients, who have had a negative experience at another dental office feel safe and comfortable during their time with us. 


Pediatric Dentistry

Kids teeth are so important too! Our goal at Burgin Dentistry is to give each child a fun and stress-free dental experience. We encourage parents to schedule their child's visits at least twice a year for dental cleanings and an exam with Dr. Burgin. During this visit, Dr. Burgin will assess the development of your child's teeth, look for areas of concern, and one of our hygienists with educate your child on how to care for their mouth. Start your child off with a great smile by scheduling an appointment for them at Burgin Dentistry. 

We recommend scheduling your child for their first dental visit at age 2. Your child may have their baby teeth for several years, so it is important they remain in good health until their permanent teeth have grown in. This means scheduling appointments twice a year for exams and cleanings. 

Regularly scheduled pediatric dental exams and cleanings are usually covered by your dental insurance provider. If a treatment or procedure is necessary, our team will contact your provider to determine any additional costs. If you do not have dental insurance, we accept many payment methods to help make your child's dental care easier to afford. 

Crowns and Bridges

When you have one or more of your teeth missing, it is more than just a cosmetic issue - missing teeth can cause your teeth to shift, pain when biting and chewing, your appearance can begin to change, and can cause speech impairments. 

A dental bridge will restore the appearance and health of your mouth by covering the space with a crown and/or bridge. Dental restorations, like crowns and bridges, are typically covered, at least in part by dental insurance. Our front office staff will work with your insurance company to calculate your coverage and any out of pocket expenses. 


Root Canals

Root canals are recommended for the treatment of severely decayed teeth in situations where dental composite fillings is not an option. A root canal will treat the infected tooth and prevents decay from spreading, and in most cases preventing the need for a tooth extraction. At times, patients will become nervous when this is brought up, however after it is over, they realize it really was not that difficult. For those that are extremely nervous, we do offer sedation dentistry to help ease your fears and anxiety and help you relax. 

Some of the most common signs that you have an infected teeth, and will most likely need a root canal is tooth and/or jaw pain, swelling of the gums and/or tooth, and changes in the color of the tooth. If the root of the tooth is not removed, it will become increasingly painful as the infection spreads to other parts of your mouth. A root canal will stop the infection and stop it from spreading to other teeth. 



Advanced Technology

At Burgin Dentistry, we believe in the importance of using modern technology for a comprehensive diagnosis. This is why we use Digital X-Rays, Paperless Charting, and CBCT Technology so that we can give you the newest and the best. Digital X-rays allow our team to diagnose problems that are invisible to the naked eye, so that we can fully understand the health of your teeth, gums and bone. There are numerous dental and oral problems that can be discovered with digital x-rays, such as tooth decay, cavities, cysts, abscesses, bone loss and tooth impaction. When these problems are found early, you will likely have more treatments options that are less invasive and more effective. 

Typically, a dental insurance plan will cover the costs of digital x-rays as part of a routine dental exam. Our office will contact your insurance provider to determine any out of pocket expenses.